Hello, my name is Marcus Neto

I am the Owner and Creative Director of Blue Fish. Peruse the site and you'll find my likes are photography, design, being on or near the water, and the laughter of my family. Oh... and ice cream, but I have had to cut back on that quite a bit lately as I try and get back in shape in my old age. I've been known to pick things up and set them down. What drives me is helping people. I am in my wheelhouse if I am helping a person or organization acheive their goals.

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I live in Mobile, Alabama & Podcast about Business

I moved to Mobile in 2004 from the Washington DC area. One of the things I loved about this area is that there were so many small and medium sized businesses. You feel like you are supporting your neighbor, and many times you are. That is not something you really experience in a big city like DC where most of the businesses are large international brands that we all know. There is nothing wrong with that. But as an entrepreneur I like getting to know and understand like minded individuals.

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I started Blue Fish in 2007

I started Blue Fish in 2007 as a way of scratching an itch. Initially we did all types of graphic and design work. About 7 years ago it morphed into an interactive design studio that builds custom websites and applications for companies all around the world. We specialize in Digital Advertising, Web Design / Development, and Branding.

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I’ve been taking pictures since the 90s

I remember it like it was yesterday. My father took me to the local Service Merchandise. We were just walking around when I stumbled on the camera section. They had real-life SLRs (notice there is no d at the front... film!) cameras. I had to have one. He purchased a Pentax p30t camera for me in 1991 and I have been taking pictures since. I now have a Canon dSLR and manage to take pictures on occassion.

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