We Just Got Back From a ExpressionEngine Conference in San Francisco

June 6, 2010

So this past week Jen and I made the trek to San Francisco. I have heard so many things about the area that I have to say I was just a wee bit excited. Unfortunately I think I was too excited (and no I did not piddle on the floor). But basically the area is really nice but the cold weather (we are currently experiencing 90 degree weather in Lower Alabama), fog, hills, somewhat generic architecture and smell all kind of made me feel kind of "meh" to the area. Don't get me wrong. We had a blast. And I would go again just to experience it. But is it an area of the country that I pine to visit again? Not really.

Muir Woods and the Miwoks

The highlight of the trip was our trip to Miur Woods. We took a ferry boat to Sausilito and walked around. I had probably the best lasagna of my life in a little deli there. We also walked through some of the residential neighborhoods since we were amazed at the terrain (straight up is a common theme). We took a city bus to the park to see the biggest trees I have ever seen in my life. Samples you say?

The Trees were HUUUGE!


Details of one of the Trees


And we just had to play tourist for one of the pictures


Did you know about the Miwoks?

Apparently the Miwoks were a Native American tribe that settled in Muir Woods. Did I mention that this place looks eerily like the spot where George Lucas filmed the Ewok scenes for Star Wars? Yea. And Skywalker Ranch is not too far from there as well. It was pretty cool.

Why were you in San Francisco?

Well I am glad you asked. Formally we were there because of the ExpressionEngine conference that was taking place. So there was that. I met a lot of really cool people that I am friends with online. Meeting someone you know from online is always a surreal process. But anyway, I wont bore you with work details. If you want, you can read up on that over at EETemplates.com

So what else did you do Marcus?

Well, Jen and I made a trip via trolley car to Union Square to go to the Adidas store because I am obsessed with Samba and Gazelle shoes. So I wanted to get a new pair for summer. Ended up getting 2 wink We went to the Golden Gate Bridge but it was so foggy out that we could not even see the massive ("8th wonder of the world") thing.

Food played a big part

Food played a big part in the trip. I love good food so whenever we could we went to a decent restaurant and had a meal. Three stood out. First was the Lasagna that I mentioned. Second was our trip to Union Square. We ate at a place that looked like a corner bar from the outside but once you got inside it was awesome. It was called Farmer Brown's and it was awesome. And Third was a trip we made to Little Italy. We ate at Mona Lisa Ristorante and it was really good.

It was great getting away for a couple of days. San Francisco had a lot to offer. I would definitely go back. I just don't pine for it like I do other cities.