New Years And Some Resolutions

December 31, 2010

It's that time of year again where we all (hopefully) take a look back at the year and what we have accomplished. Admittedly 2010 has been a rough one. But with the turning over of a new year comes the chance to put some stakes in the ground and strive to make 2011 a better year. I do believe in setting goals. I started a decade or so ago and it has never failed me. Even when I don't quite make it I find that they make me more focused. So without further ado here are some announcements and and a few resolutions for the new year.


Starting with the announcements... those of you that are friends on Facebook or on Twitter probably know that I have been hitting the gym hard lately. Well it's been a good couple of months of changing my diet and going to the gym for about an hour (usually less) 4 times a week. Well I can say that the work is paying off. While I started working out last summer (5ish months ago) over the course of the last 3 months I have lost a little more than 20lbs. Even more exciting is that over the holidays I did not gain weight. The most I have gone up is 2lbs over a couple of days right around Christmas (I blame mexican, sugar cookies and cheese grits for that). This proves to me that I have what it takes to make this stick. The picture below is a before and current. I don't know that I would call it an after as I am not done yet. I would love to lose another 15lbs. So I am starting on that right away. The pictures are here merely as a reminder of what I had gotten to. My way of shaming me into never getting back there again.

Before and After Pic

Left is at almost 240 right is at 215

For those that have asked I attribute the diet to the slight change I have experienced thus far. It is amazing what you learn when you write down or journal using one of the many calorie tracking apps. I was eating a diet of mostly refined carbs. I switched a lot of those out for more complex carbs (Ezekiel bread, beans etc) and added a bunch of protein. This kicked my metabolism into high gear. So if you are looking to make a change I highly suggest keeping track (and be honest) of what you eat. I would bet you could lose significant weight within a month or two which is all you need to stay motivated.

For those worried I am getting vain or something... my father had his second heart attack this past year. He is ok now but those things have a way of snapping some sense into you. Would I like to see abs by summer? Sure. But I also am more focused on being around for College graduation, Weddings and successes that my boys will be having later in my life.

The Boys

The boys at the WWII Memorial in DC


Last year I had some major breakthroughs. I got an office. While some may not think that is family related it most certainly is. Working from home means never knowing when to stop. Getting an office meant that when I am home I really am home. I would love to schedule a few vacations in 2011. It seems we hardly ever get away. It would be doubly nice if Jen and I could get away for 2-3 weekends on our own (Vegas Baby!).


I have a lot of goals for business. Not sure why. Just always seems to be that way. in 2011 I will be launching Mac Mini Parking and Simple Blue, LLC in a big way. I also will be converting over to a different format (more blog and repository than sales of templates). And taking Blue Fish Design Studio further still. I missed my earnings mark a bit in 2010 so I will be working to stay focused while at the office so that I am more productive.


2010 was not a reading year for me. I love to read. Unfortunately I read so much during the day that to go home and read another business or technical book is a bit much. or it has been in the past... I would really love to see a return to reading in my life for 2011. It doesn't have to all be business related. The iPad has helped as I really enjoy reading on it. So maybe that will get the ball rolling. I also want to learn something new for work. I would love to understand JQuery a bit more. I understand it enough now to make do but I would really like to be able to write my own functions without having to cannibalize someone elses code.

Happy New Year!

Jen and I on Christmas Day

Most Importantly

But most importantly I want to have more fun. I love my family. I love my church. I love my work. I just want to stop and eliminate the distractions so that I have time to have more fun with my family, church and work. Drink more wine, read more books, take more walks, hunt more frogs with the boys, date my wife more etc etc... 2011 is going to be awesome!

I do hope you take the time to write down some goals for this year. May God bless your new year!