New Workout is kicking my butt

January 10, 2011

Last week I met with my trainer (Jeff Sheldon from Health Hut) and we devised a new plan. I was getting bored with my previous workout. I wanted to go more caveman. I needed to work on more compound movements. For those of you that are not familiar that means going from simple 1 muscle group movements like a biceps curl to an exercise that uses 2 or more muscle groups like a pull up. And to add even more agony he has me doing supersets which is basically two or more exercises per set. So instead of just doing a bench press and resting one would go from bench press to pull up and then rest. OMG this hurts. He also showed me a new exercise (I've always known of it just have not done one in 20+ years) the Deadlift. I think I have found my favorite exercise. This one hurts.

Anyway, for those of you that scoff at weightlifting because you see guys sitting around talking, oogling the ladies and drinking coffee on the machines I did my workout today (outlined below). It took 45 minutes (including a little instruction from Jeff) and my heart rate never fell below 145bpm! I want to improve this next time so that it never falls below 150 which means upping the weight. There were a few times it got into the 165+ range which ain't bad for an old dude.

So without further ado:

Bosu Ball Crunches (8-10) - Leg Lifts (8-10) - rest 60 seconds

Deadlift (6 reps at 185lbs) - Push-ups (no weight but 12-18 reps) - rest 60 seconds

Pull ups (assisted with 130lbs) - Dumbell Incline Bench Press (8-10 reps at 50lbs) - rest 60 seconds

Squats (8 reps at 105lbs) - Dumbell Shoulder Press (8 reps with 30lbs) - rest 60 seconds

Tricep Extensions (10-12 reps at 85lbs) - Bicep Curls (8-10 reps at 40lbs) - rest 60 seconds

Each of these sets is repeated 3 times (deadlift/pushup/rest/deadlift/pushup/rest/deadlift/pushup/rest/). And after finishing you should definitely stretch for 10-15minutes. I have been having some issues with my calves and I think it was because I was not stretching enough.

I love this workout. Let me know if you try it.