Alligators are fun

July 27, 2011

The other night Jen and I took the boys to the 5 Rivers Delta complex for an Alligator Adventure. Basically they give you a lecture on Alligators. Seriously... it was an hour long. Which I have to admit was a bit long even for me let alone the 70% of the crowd that was under the age of 12. But I learned a few things.

Like Alligators have these things called scoots that act as insulators. They are bone but are not attached to their skeleton. They are the reason alligators have bumps that you see on their back. Blood circulates through these 'scoots' and either cool or warm the gator depending on the weather.

Anyway, after the lecture they have a baby alligator there from Alligator Alley that you can pet. It was great fun.

The next portion of the Adventure is they take you out on a pontoon boat to look for alligators. I love being on the water so this was my favorite part. We saw a handful of baby alligators out in Mobile Bay. Nothing like shining a big 5 million watt bulb looking for beady little eyes.

And I got to snap some pictures while we were out. Here is one of the better ones:

5 Rivers Delta